Headshots: How it works

Image is Everything

  • By and large when a client see's your photograph on a website or in an ad, it is the very first time that they actually "meet" you. Within those few brief seconds the "image" that you have put forth creates a mental picture of "who you are". This is why it is of the utmost importance that you...and your photographer understand exactly what you wish to convey.
  • That being said...the first thing I will want to do is to speak with you personally. I will ask questions: What is this photo for? Where will it be used? What kind of "image" do you wish to project...etc? Based on your answers to these queries, we will determine a shot list and I will then provide you with an emailed estimate.
  • Upon your acceptance of this estimate, a session will be scheduled.  If the shoot involves a location, I will want to look at the site before hand (there is no charge for this as long as it is within a 15 mile radius of the studio).  This way I can decide if the location is workable and if so...where we will shoot and at what time of day. Knowing all of this ahead of time greatly helps eliminate problems down the road.
  • On the day of our session, my assistant and I will arrive on time with everything necessary to get the job done.  We will shoot according to the schedule and you will be able to view samples of the imagery I am capturing along the way.
  • After the session, I will come back to my studio and select the best frames from the shoot. That edit will be posted to a password protected online gallery. The gallery is generally viewable within 48 hours of the session and stays up for 30 days. If at any point you want my input in making a decision as to your finals, you can call the studio and schedule a telephone conference.
  • Once you have made a selection...I will adjust, maximize and retouch all finals to the same standards that you see here on this site. You will receive proofs of the retouched finals via email and will be able to ask for any further changes at that time.
  • After receiving your approval, I will then prepare two versions of each file:

         - a 300 dpi high res jpeg for print reproduction

         - a 120 dpi low res jpeg for the web

      These are delivered to you digitally or if you prefer, I will mail a CD.

  • Storage of the imagery is your responsibility after you have received the photos. I do keep all finals in my own hard drive...so if you lose or misplace them they can be retrieved for a small fee.