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Friday, May 20, 2016
By Kent Barker

First of all, please forgive me for the long quiet spell with no posts.  I have been working on a huge commercial project for the past month, shooting for weeks at a time on a set in a rental studio.  It's been a great gig...but I've had no time to post new work! 

Prior to beginning this job I was able to connect with a few more artist's for "The Creative's" series I inaugurated a month ago. The first of them was the young fashion photographer Nicollette Mollet. I met Nicollette initially when she was a student at the Art Institute. Her teacher Larry Travis was a friend of mine and held her in the highest regard. She is an exceptionally gifted photographer and a very determined young woman.  Cannot wait to see where her career takes her.  You can see her talent for yourself by clicking here:

A question I am often asked as I work on this series is..."how do you find new artist's?"  The answer is simple. Each time I photograph someone, I ask them to recommend two or three people they think would be a good fit.  Khahn Nguyen is a young fashion designer recommended by Rhonda Sargent Chambers (one of my initial subjects).  Rhonda is a true arbiter of fashion, so I knew Khahn's work would be special. This is certainly evident in the photograph you see below. NHA KHAHN is the name of her clothing line and a link to the website is here:

Author Merritt Tierce was highly recommended by documentary filmmaker Mark Birnbaum, who told me flat out... "you have to read her book". The novel he was referring to, "Love Me Back" was published to wide acclaim by Doubleday in 2014. As fate would have it Merritt gave a reading at the Wild Detectives book store and coffee shop in Bishop Arts immediately after our session.  I joined her there and very quickly realized what a talent she is.  Am reading her book as we speak! Learn more about her work here:

Jazz guitarist and crooner Corey Breedlove grew up in Dallas. In high school he played in a psychedelic rock band...but then he found Sinatra! "The music spoke with a grace I had never heard", he says and from that day on it was jazz and the standards all the way. Corey showed up with an absolutely gorgeous new of course, I asked him to play.  The image that you see here was captured during those moments.  Truly a man lost in "grace".  Learn more about his music here:

Katherine Clapner got her feet wet in Dallas working as the Executive Pastry Chef for legendary restauranteur Stephan Pyles. She then went on to create Dude, Sweet Chocolate...the creme de la creme of all discerning chocolate addicts in the Southwest. Katherine showed up to our session with an amazing white chocolate skull and as I was looking at the word "CHOCOLATE" tattoo'd on her left arm, let me know that her entire back is inked as well. "Cool", I replied...and then it all came together!  Get your Dude, Sweet Chocolate fix here:    

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